Just a Corpse blurs the lines between fashion and dance in a contemporary take on leisure, ballet, and dance wear. Framing the body from the barre to the bar, our collections carry the emotional impact of wearing a fashion garment with the functional, technologically precise properties of sportswear. Founded by fashion designer Uroš Belantič and model Valerija Kelava, the brand’s ethos reflects the breadth of their collective international industry experiences.


Rooted in a community spirit, we support local manufacture and creatives. Proudly designed and developed in Ljubljana, Slovenia, recycled fabrics are mostly sourced regionally from Northern Italian manufacturers. Our production cycles take place in Europe and are carefully planned. We only make as much as we sell and try hard to avoid deadstock and overstock. Our packaging is reusable and multi-purpose.


Owning our production facilities allows us to develop and produce singular products also because of the way we treat our employees and the working conditions we create for them. The company continues to run as a family business: we help with the team’s living arrangements, visas, and education for relocated seamstresses and their children.


For exercise at the barre or relaxing in a bar,


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