Alpinia Landing

The Original ‘Oberkrainer’ Balletcore

The hills are alive with the sound of Alpinia. An idyllic Alpine landscape sets the playground for our latest edition, an emotional homage to Slovenian folklore and its tight bonds with nature. From the shadows of the sacred three-headed Triglav mountain, down a stream of evergreen melodies by the brothers Avsenik, to the romantic views of Soča Valley and the land of Kekec.
In the age of AI and synthesized aesthetics, a sobering look back at the primary beauty of nature, traditional crafts and pristine heritage offers an almost subversive quality.

Familiar motifs are reimagined and re-edited in a new context. Original cross-stitching, needlepoint and hand embroidery turn into prints on our recycled, second-skin jersey. A Richelieu whitework collar merges with a leotard. Tablecloth lace translates into a seamless 3D knitting technique. Embroidered illusion tulle is fused with cotton twill for an unexpected, contemporary twist. Our unique technical fabrics take on a new life through traditional, handcrafted decorations. A naïf ornament takes centerstage with native gingerbread lucky charm hearts and emblematic edelweiss blooms becoming the leitmotifs of this heritage edition.

Sustainability efforts continue to underline our creations. We are the proud owners of a certificate in recycling for the copyrighted second-skin jersey. Unique seamless leotards are knitted with almost no waste using a q-nova-certified recycled yarn, making these products the most earth-friendly leotards on the market. Our packaging is reusable and multi-purpose: you determine its second life.

Alpinia is deeply rooted in local awareness, supporting regional manufacture and craft with genuine human creativity. Featuring original ‘Oberkreiner’ tunes by Slavko & Vilko Avsenik, cuckoo clock and gingerbread souvenirs, a whimsical ‘short phone film’ accompanying the new edition celebrates authentic heritage, ‘joie de vivre’ and nature as the principal muse.